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President of Moldova: Ukraine has ensured our security

President of Moldova: Ukraine has ensured our security

Moldova is now safe thanks to Ukraine

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has expressed her belief that Ukraine has helped to ensure the security of her country at the present time.

During an interview with the Financial Times, Sandu noted that if the initial weeks of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine had unfolded according to the scenario calculated by Vladimir Putin, Russian troops could have headed to Moldova.

"I don't think they would have stopped at the border," the Moldovan president said. "We are safe now only because of Ukraine.

Sandu planned to stay in Moldova in case of a Russian attack
In the event of a Russian invasion, Sandu said she would stay in Moldova.

"I would be here, we were hoping to help as many of our people as possible to go to safe zones, particularly to Romania," she said.

Sandu also noted that about 75% of Moldova's population speaks Romanian, while about 12% speaks Russian. Russia is trying to convince this minority that their language and traditions are under threat.

Moldova wants to become part of the democratic world

The President noted that Russia is trying to revive the Soviet Union and bring back the old days. However, Moldova rejects this scenario. "We have been part of the buffer zone for 30 years, and for us it meant poverty, corruption, bad governance and emigration. We want to be part of the democratic world," Sandu emphasized.

Maia Sandu recognizes the importance of Ukraine in regional security

The Moldovan president expressed gratitude to Ukraine for ensuring regional security. She believes that Ukraine's actions have contributed to strengthening international stability and provided Moldova with an opportunity to focus on internal development.

Moldova continues cooperation with Ukraine

Sandu emphasizes the need to continue cooperation with Ukraine and European partners to ensure regional security and economic stability. Moldova is interested in maintaining international cooperation and jointly addressing challenges and problems.

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