Main / Military aid / About 70% of Favbet Foundation projects are aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About 70% of Favbet Foundation projects are aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About 70% of Favbet Foundation projects are aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine

"Military should come first. Favbet Foundation deals with cars and drones - these are the most frequently requested items by the Ukrainian military. At the front, these are consumables that are often lost during combat missions, so there is a constant need for them. The same applies to communication systems and other high-tech equipment," the article says.

This was reported by Forbes.

The total assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense forces with the assistance of Favbet Foundation has already amounted to more than UAH 210 million. This includes more than 260 vehicles and 130 drones of various types, including strike drones. At the beginning of the great war, Favbet Foundation redistributed almost all projects so that they worked to help the Armed Forces. Currently, support for the Defense Forces has turned into a systematic work of the military hub, and humanitarian initiatives are focused on educational and sports development programs for children and adolescents.

"Do not forget about the basic needs of war victims and IDPs. The humanitarian catastrophe caused by the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant showed how important it is for Ukrainians to quickly unite and help each other. Help for Kherson residents came from everywhere, including from other countries," the article says.

In the first days after the dam was blown up, the Foundation's employees brought two buses with three tons of drinking water and a ton of medical supplies to Kherson.

"We have allocated UAH 5 million to eliminate the consequences of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion by supporting the collection "Let's help rescuers" of the UNITED24 platform," the article says.

Back in the first weeks of the full-scale war, Favbet Foundation opened an Adaptation Center for IDPs from Ukraine in Zagreb (Croatia) to provide psychological support and humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians. In the summer, the foundation organized an educational process for children and adult IDPs with free courses in various fields. It also provides legal support."

As part of the "Superheroes Club" project, the foundation launched the "Stronger Together" initiative, which helps children discover their superpowers in sports. Thanks to this, dozens of girls and boys from the families of IDPs and military personnel have the opportunity to train for free and become a better version of themselves every day.

Also, together with partners Code Club Ukraine, Favbet Foundation launched the IT Kids project to teach the basics of information technology to hundreds of Ukrainian children.

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