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Pentagon Chief: If Ukraine loses, Putin will challenge NATO

Pentagon Chief: If Ukraine loses, Putin will challenge NATO

If Russia manages to defeat Ukraine in the war, the aggressor country will not stop and may challenge NATO member states. 

Statement by Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin at hearing in the Senate.

He was asked whether the decision not to send Ukraine adequate aid could increase the likelihood that U.S. troops would eventually be drawn into the war.

"Of course. If Putin succeeds, he will not stop at Ukraine... Sooner or later, he will challenge NATO, and we will be in a shooting war," Austin said.

Is a conflict between Russia and NATO countries possible

Recall that Russia has developed legal mechanisms for reforming the Leningrad Military District as part of large-scale military reforms. The Institute for War Studies reported that this may indicate preparations for a conflict with NATO.

Blocking of US aid to Ukraine

It should be noted that the US Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken argued at a Senate hearing that the United States should immediately send aid to Israel and Ukraine, as the administration's request for $105 billion in aid for the countries has already encountered obstacles in a divided Congress.

Of this amount, $61.3 billion is proposed to be allocated for Ukraine, $14.3 billion - for Israel.

At the same time, the newly elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives proposed not to combine new aid to Ukraine and Israel into one package. He wants the House of Representatives to vote for such initiatives separately.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Republicans in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, has called for the allocation of aid to Ukraine and Israel within a single package.

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