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NATO assistance in defense procurement for Ukraine and IT coalition: Reznikov on the results of Ramstein

NATO assistance in defense procurement for Ukraine and IT coalition: Reznikov on the results of Ramstein

In addition to the aircraft coalition, Ukraine and Western partners will join the idea of creating an IT coalition to ensure Ukraine's victory.

This was announced on his Facebook page by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov following the Ramstein meeting on June 15.

– The key thing is that the aircraft coalition has been formed — Denmark and the Netherlands will provide training for our pilots on F-16 fighters. By July, a program will be ready that will provide a consistent training plan for our military. This is only the first step. Very soon we will see other countries joining the coalition," he wrote.

Reznikov wrote that in addition to the aircraft coalition, the issues of air defense, ammunition, and artillery were also discussed.

– Also, on an important note, my colleagues, the Minister of Defense of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Francois Bausch and the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Estonia Hanno Pevkur, supported my idea of creating an IT coalition. They are ready to take a leadership role in the creation of this group. So, a new coalition to ensure Ukraine's victory is on the horizon," emphasized Oleksiy Reznikov.

Separately, the parties made a decision on the repair of Leopard tanks after a presentation by Poland and Germany on the creation of a tank repair hub system in Poland.

A declaration of intent on the purchase and operation of infantry fighting vehicles was also signed with the Czech and Slovak Republics, on which Reznikov promised to provide details later.

– As a summary of the regular meeting in the Ramstein format: today more than 50 countries stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine and I am grateful to Lloyd Austin for his leadership, and I thank all our friends and partners for their unwavering support, — wrote the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Oleksiy Reznikov says that Ukraine is also waiting for a very important meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of defense ministers, which will “very soon” be replaced by the NATO-Ukraine Council, which will provide for much more expanded rights and opportunities for Ukraine.

– Now to the agenda. Two issues were key at the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission. The first short-term one is all about preparations for the NATO Summit in Vilnius, which will be held in July," he said.

The defense minister explained that Ukraine had an opportunity to convey its position during Ramstein and now expects that at the Vilnius Summit there will be a clear understanding of how and when Ukraine will be able to become a NATO member.

In addition, the parties discussed how NATO can help Ukraine to establish medical rehabilitation for wounded soldiers who are now returning from the battlefield and who still have a very serious way to go to return to normal life.

Oleksiy Reznikov added that another important area is NATO's assistance in defense procurement in Ukraine.

– We expect that the NATO Procurement Agency will be able to help us build an effective and transparent procurement system that will allow us to use every hryvnia efficiently. These are very practical things and we can now state that at the moment we have prepared a very serious package of practical steps that will be presented at the Vilnius summit to the leaders of NATO member states.

The second issue discussed at Ramstein was the future of security guarantees for Ukraine and Europe after the Ukrainian victory, Reznikov wrote.

He explained that it was about joint defense planning, which, in NATO's language, is a “very important tool” that will allow modeling the future in several directions:

  • what should the security system be like?
  • what should the army be like?
  • what should the defense be like?

Oleksiy Reznikov says that today, in real time, Ukrainian defense planners are working together with NATO defense planners on models of the future.

- In short, by doing everything possible to win the war as soon as possible now, we are working for the future, and in this future Ukraine will be a NATO member and will continue to make a huge contribution to the European security system and will have a very strong powerful security and defense system that will allow us to count on peace and successful development for generations to come. This means a guarantee of security and yes, it means full membership in the Alliance," he explained.

According to the minister, the Ukrainian government is already thinking about "very practical tools" that will help Ukraine become such a state in the future.

- "For example, we are currently working on launching a joint center for education and training analysis. In simple terms, I would call it the Center for Lessons from the War with Russia. The idea is that we can share the hard-won lessons from this war and use Western experience to become stronger," he explained.

Oleksiy Reznikov added that today Ukraine's goal is to become strong and able to defend itself after the victory.


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