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"For peace to last, it must be fair" - Stoltenberg

"For peace to last, it must be fair" - Stoltenberg

Everyone wants the war in Ukraine to end as soon as possible. However, the peace must be fair.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this, according to Welt.

Stoltenberg commented on the so-called "peace plan" of African leaders for Ukraine. He warned against haste in the issue of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

"We all want this war to end. But for peace to last, it has to be just," he said.

The NATO Secretary General emphasized that peace should not be a frozen conflict with a deal dictated by Russia.

"Only Ukraine can determine the conditions that are acceptable to it", - the Alliance Secretary General emphasized.

According to Stoltenberg, the military success of the Ukrainian army will strengthen Ukraine's position at the negotiating table.

"The more occupied territories Ukraine can liberate, the better position it will have at the negotiating table to achieve a just and lasting peace", he explained.

"Peace Initiatives" of Africa

As a reminder, on June 16, the presidents of South Africa, Zambia, Senegal, the prime minister of Egypt and other African officials visited Kyiv and met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The South African leader also presented a 10-point peace plan for Ukraine;

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