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Putin boasts of destroying five Patriots near Kyiv and talks about nuclear weapons again

Putin boasts of destroying five Patriots near Kyiv and talks about nuclear weapons again

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin claims that the Russians allegedly managed to kill five Patriot air defense systems near Kyiv.

Putin said this at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

"If we destroyed five Patriot systems near Kyiv, why should we destroy any building and structure in the center of Kyiv? There are no such restrictions, we do not do this for a number of reasons", Putin said.

Putin also made a number of other statements:

They want to defeat us on the battlefield, the flag is in their hands, let's see what happens, but it is unlikely to work.

Kyiv must understand that in case of continued attacks on Russia, the issue of creating a "sanitary border" in Ukraine will be considered

We do not need to use nuclear weapons.
Russia has more nuclear weapons than NATO countries, they want us to reduce them - fuck them, - he added.

An attack with nuclear weapons is theoretically possible, but it is not necessary.

First nuclear charges are delivered to the territory of Belarus.

President Biden is an adult and an experienced person, it is not for us to teach him, let him do what he sees fit, and we will do what is in Russia's interests.

We have never closed our doors to the West; it is they who have closed them and are peeping through the crevice;

The U.S. chose to supply equipment to Ukraine instead of contacting Russia; let's burn it down and see what happens next;

Many sanctions were imposed against Russia under Trump, but if a different administration were there, we could have some kind of peace plan.

Those who say that Russia will become dependent on China have themselves been in it for a long time;

Sanctions do not hinder Russia's development, and those who try to artificially restrict something suffer first and foremost;

The U.S. has a great economy, it is a credit to the American people, but today's leadership abuses their trust;

NATO, of course, is getting involved in the war in Ukraine.

The neo-Nazis, Hitler's scum, have been placed on a pedestal in Ukraine;

Ukraine is making new attempts at a counterattack, fighting is going on right now, including in the Zaporizhzhya direction, but Kiev has no chance;

Well Poles okay, they have their own goals, they sleep and see how to return Western Ukraine;

Zelensky with his actions covers these freaks - neo-Nazis.

I have many Jewish friends. They say: Zelensky is not a Jew, he is a disgrace to the Jewish people.

Putin talks about American F-16 fighter jets that Kiev is asking for:

Leopard tanks are already burning in Ukraine, the same will happen to F-16s;

"If they will be stationed at air bases outside Ukraine and used in combat operations, we will have to look at how we can hit and where we can hit those assets that are being used against us. 

This is a serious danger of further dragging NATO into this armed conflict.

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